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This project is a necessity in the area we have identified because Chambe area, which is at the foot of Mulanje Mountain, is very rural and under-developed. There is real evidence that one of the big challenges of malnutrition and HIV/AIDS scourge has created for Malawi, is the big number of orphans left behind

This situation is aggravated by the prevalence of poverty and higher illiteracy levels in the area. The UVCs and their needs have over the years overwhelmed those who have tried to assist them. Most times they are left in the hands of relatives who are struggling to keep their own immediate families from starving.

The project is, therefore, aimed at reducing this burden by providing, on a small scale, basic necessities for the UVCs in order to prepare them for primary school. With the help of volunteers from the communities within the project catchment area and other well- wishers, CCDM will run a feeding program and day care in a communal and multi-faith based environment. Further, children are to receive quality care and holistic development through the basic support given to their care takers within their homes. The project wants to foster love and give hope to the children who are Malawi’s future

This Children’s project will be a community-based response to the needs of UVCs in traditional authority Nkanda, in Mulanje district. The Programme will entirely depend on volunteers within and around the villages and other sponsors. In order to continue its work, the project will from time to time require on-going support from generous donors. Funds will be needed to cover costs such as administrative costs, volunteer training and support, feeding programme, emergency relief, basic drug supply and children excursions. The project will identify a similar project that will act as a model and, if possible, do a twinning arrangement in order to learn and share best practices. From time to time, the project will source donations in every form, including pre-school education materials, toys, clothes, blankets and food items that can be distributed to the children.

The key challenges faced by the Chambe communities are: • Parents/guardians do lack resources to make contribution towards the general welfare and education of UVCs. • School going UVCs do lack the required scholastic and training materials • Most children cannot access proper nutrition which leads to poor health and poor mental growth. • Some of them are HIV positive and chronically sick and in need of constant care. • CCDM lacks enough resources and finances to fully support the project activities. This project will, therefore, help to arrest these adverse situations by providing the basic necessities for the UVCs on a sustainable basis.